Ugly Paint, Mom Smells and Pool Time

So its been a busy week Joe and I have been working away at finishing up the house and getting the barn and office ready to paint.  The house will hopefully get wrapped up this next week and I think I might take a little break...just maybe.  The guys started paint on the milk barn this past week.  I had Joe go get my paint for me and gave him the name and swatch and off he went.  Well I glanced out of my house window to see the color of the barn.  Neither of us checked the color.....well lets just say it was green a horrible awful green.  One you don't want to ever see of a building.  So running out I went, and the poor guys actually thought I picked that color.  So good thing they didn't get to far, so crisis adverted and back to normal colors and progress.  Looks amazing !!  In the midst of a busy week full of projects, visitors the girls have been enjoying the awesome weather and the little kids pool.  Hadley came down with the flu (a really bad flu)  Joe came home the night Hadley was sick saying "what is that smell"  I just laughed then wanted to cry...such a busy long day of painting then Avery running around like a crazy girl, then two hours of baby projectile on everything...I mean everything. I had to even hose off and scrub her rug.  Well that smell was probably just me.  Again all part of the mom years, if I could only just grab a coffee, get dressed and head to work. sounds relaxing just thinking about it. Thanks to the visitors (Tina and Kristin) for giving me some normal girl chat, and a few hours of normalcy, and mom for helping so much with the girls. Joe had me laughing about Avery looking like a country girl.  She has been wearing to small and to large play clothes with cowboy boots, scraggly hair and a runny true but she sure has been having fun playing outside, I guess I won't tell him I ordered her seven jeans (yes they make toddler sizes)  Who says you can't be farm chic right? So back to normal health, crazy kids and more farm projects to come....oh and hopefully some flower boxes.


Kingsley watching the soccer game

Little Miss Ellie

Joe playing soccer with Avery and the neighbor kids

not sure of the pool

Just going to throw sissy in the pool

fun in the sun
Missy Adiego