Tractor Time..& More Paint Colors

So today we finally got the tractor for Haverton Hill.  The guys and I have been mowing by push mower (which is good cardio for me) and weed whacking and even getting some sticker bushes out by hand.  Well we were lucky enough to find a tractor local which was just what we were looking for.  Although for a first tractor I pictured more of a first car thing....a little rust hard to start.  I did want Joe to feel the pain of all the manual labor it takes to keep all this grass, and the weeds under control and looking nice.  Well who am I kidding? Its our first night with the tractor and the roadside and entry are mowed already....Kingleys pen, well that was filled with weeds tree height, he could pretty much hide out in the stickers.  So it looks great now and sure cuts down on the manual labor around here.  The girls both went for a tractor ride.  Hadley just wasn't sure of it yet though and Avery is just daddys farm girl ( a cutely dressed one at that) .  I have been starting to plan my bedroom remodel. We should be getting our new furniture tomorrow and the rest by weeks end.  I have been staring at paint colors all week and driving myself and Joe crazy.  I even ask Avery and Hadley to point at their favorite.  I keep asking Joe his favorite....but yet again he refuses to chime in, trying to cut back on his involvement that he knows I will ask for (aka painting)  Well I have finally have somewhat of a vision so lets see how it goes.  The living room has finally...I mean finally been finished.  I got the chair and ottoman to match my sofa.  Yes...I was not much of a set fan, but it seems to be working in our little house and more seating is always a plus around here.  I have been painting some odds and end things around the house with leftover paint.  I joke with Joe, if he drives me nuts he might wake up a nice beige, or greige color that I have had my eyes on.  So the projects to continue, manicured pastures to come and hopefully a bedroom remodel that I am satisfied with!!

happy as a clam

down go the weeds

daddys little farm girl

the lineup

new paint for the frame

finished living room

still staring at colors

art time in the playroom

my new favorite pot
Missy Adiego