Quality Family Time

So we had a nice relaxing time today with Grandma Lori, Papa Carl and The Riggsbee clan in Bodega Bay.  When I titled this post quality family time... this is our version of quality. We had an early memorial day BBQ at the beach house. The time was well spent with lots of laughs, some marital arguing, tears, both mom and kids, and one good meal.  I have blogged before about how Hadley has known how to throw a good fit, much different from Avery.  I always tell Joe she acts just like him, that is from him completely :) Well to say the least those fits are nothing compared to the one today.  All of us always laugh how a meal is not a meal until something is spilled or someone is crying.  Well today that  crying was all three kids and a mom...(me)  all for different reasons. I know you hit that point in motherhood when doing the right thing is sometimes the hardest.  Well Hadley threw such a fit I mean screaming kicking etc the works she even had the nerve to chuck the binky at my sister.  Thank god I wasn't somewhere public, I would defiantly be that mom that people are thinking "get it together".  So its been building for a week now, well today was the day to make her deal with it.  I thought "what the heck am I going to do with this kid"?  It defiantly was one of those "baby for sale days".  So with family support,  I put her in the crib for nap with books and her blanket and left.  Sat outside the door in tears and her on the other side in tears, kicking and screaming.  Well the screaming finally ended and sound asleep she went. My tears finally dried up once I was reminded I went through this with Avery, Brey went through it with Layla...and probably Eric (LOL), and that it won't last. I figure I need to fix this now or I will always be the one in tears for having an out of control kid.  So the laughs continued, Joe gave me the you can do it hug and everything ended up fine.  That is until I have to break that fit again tomorrow.  So off to read those oh so motivating parenting books and find some inspiration. Wish me luck or there might be a "adopt a baby tomorrow" day.


Eric doing some manual labor

Cuzzy Secrets

Layla Kate

The Riggsbees

Papa and Hadley

Snuggle time with Hadley

Up to no good

Playing a game with Daddy

Well Daddy just wasn't playing fair

Cuzzy Hugs

Missy Adiego