Project filled weekend...and a desk!!

So this weekend was filled with lots of work and tons of projects.  I would love to say it was filled with fun, but Joe and I seem to only be working.  Lucky it works for us and it is what it is right now.  He always quietly jokes "don't you see the whip marks on my back"  and I loudly reply "your the one that signed up for this, lots of work and sleepless nights"  I remind him that things need to be and look a certain way, and after hours and months of complaining he seems to agree and projects are starting to be completed. I am one happy girl.  As promised he said there would be an office desk.  Well there is one!!!  It looks amazing, he definitely should have built my kitchen table and saved us a bunch of money. I finished painting and caulking the office trim and a few coats of stain on the actually looks like an office. Now we just need electrical, and furniture.  That to come hopefully this next weekend.  Thanks to the worlds best babysitter/mothers helper Angelina Cheda, I got tons done without the girls right next to me and lots of the house projects finished up.  Joe even built my water heater box outside the house!! So a huge thanks to the best hubby ever. We went to check out a much needed farm tractor today, and the man selling is says "you look like farm people".   I think I actually gasped, was he implying I look haggered and unclean?  Well one look down and sure enough weeds from mowing all over my jeans, paint on my hands, mahogany stain on my shirt, god only knows what my eyeliner looked like probably halfway down my cheeks?  Well at least some projects got done.  Off to shower and clean up this farm girl. I think tomorrow I might just put on a dress and paint my nails to defarmitize myself for a day. So more projects, a clean farm girl and stories to come!!

new office cabinet

sharing a yogurt

desk before

My hand painted office sign

Angelina and Hads

After staining

Angelina and the girls

all bedded up waiting for more babies

It was dinner time, I think they were putting on their best faces

the newest haverton addition

finished flower boxes

the plants are actually staying alive

my new box minus the roof

Missy Adiego