More paint and lots of smiles

So I have been working away still painting and working on the exterior of the house.  I got the porch and doors painted only to decide my mustard color that I fell in love with,  it was more of French's verses Grey Poupon and didn't look so lovely in certain lights.  I kept debating it but I made the decision to get rid of it except on the playroom (still debating that one)  I decided to paint everything the green and ahhhh...much better.  I kept asking Joe what he thought, and he wouldn't tell me his opinion, partially in fear of more on his honey do list, but I could tell he wasn't fond of it either, and he was a fan of the mustard to start.  Well the porch is looking much better the way I pictured.  I still need to finish up a few decor things.  So the decor shopping begins.  I LOVE my new light and house numbers.  I did get a bit of a lecture from the hubby on "really this isn't our house".  Well lets just remind ourselves how bad the house looked before. Am I really supposed to put that picture in the baby book and say this is where you grew up to the girls......I don't think so...we are here for 6 years.  So he quietly mumbled and agreed and put up my fixtures.  The house is now looking like a home and starting to look loved :)  Now with mothers day coming up I am hoping for my flower boxes to be built and installed.  Lets hope Joe gets the clue.....I have been talking about it each day in preparation for Sunday.  We all know how long those playroom floors took!!  So we are now happily enjoying the house exterior and continue to work on it.  The girls love the new front porch and have been full of smiles and giggles.  So more painting, planting, hopefully some flower boxes and farm projects to come!!

Missy Adiego