Happy Memorial Day

So I had a great memorial day weekend filled with lots of activities, projects and some relaxation.  I started it off with a great moms brunch at Nick's Cove on Tomales Bay.  Highly recommend it was super yummy food.  Had a great time chatting with the ladies minus the kids....even though as a mom you pretty much talk kids the whole time.  But beautiful setting, great conversation and good food made for a good start to the weekend.  I have to say I have to leave Hadley and Avery with daddy more often I came home to super pleasant kids and Hadley didn't throw a fit all day.  Although, Joe did make our house inside and out look like a tornado hit in a matter of a few hours.  The rest of weekend was filled with lots of little projects around the house including mowing, weeding and cleanup...thanks to a great hubby who chipped in all weekend with out complaining.  We also managed to squeeze in a night out with the girls fitting in a quick dinner out to eat, which was super pleasant and the girls were fantastic....those moms out there know that is usually not the case with two toddlers.  We spent today hanging out and just enjoying family time.  We took a ride around the property with the kids, managed to get the barn office chairs which look awesome...although Joe and I did manage to also squeeze in a marital spat in Staples.  He wanted the really super nice comfy expensive chairs...not the ones on sale I went for.  So after a few words back and forth and threatening to leave him and that stupid chair he liked in staples... out we went with the chairs that were on sale. 
The sheep are great and the babies are just down right adorable.  We also have some sheep in Penngrove grazing down some pasture.  The neighbor of the place they are at asked Joe if he could put a few at his place to graze down the front pasture.  Well today Joe decided the girls and I could help him bring them back across the street where they are normally at.  Well he failed to tell me about the gentlemen that lived across the street. Joe trekked across the pasture with Hadley to herd sheep my way.  The man approached us introduced himself and went into a split.... He full out did a split right in the middle of the field.....not a jazz split...a full on dancer split.  Avery, just plain not sure what to think.  I stood there in aww (not sure if it was the aww of a grown man doing a split or the fact that I  am in this situation trying not to laugh hysterically)  Joe across the pasture just smiling away (probably thinking what the heck I am sure)  The man is an engineer so not really the split/dancer type. So long story, but down right funny.  We laughed the whole way home.  The farm met the circus today.  So more projects, possible tantrums, and maybe another crazy split to come...not sure how soon I want to go back to Penngrove. (too bad I didn't have my camera)

all the moms (minus Shaunda)@ Nick's Cove

4 wheeler time with daddy

Nothing like a Popsicle


Explaining how to milk sheep

Hadley Mastered the slide

Sometimes just playing with rocks is fun

The new chairs

Missy Adiego