Daddys Breakfast, Clean Pony and a Desk

So for those of you that know me know I hate cooking...I just find it a daunting task three times a day.  So as previously blogged Joey and I quite often have meal fights.  Cereal vs Steak dinner.  I would pick a nice fresh bowl of frosted mini wheats and Joe steak dinner of course.  So I have to admit when he does his weekend breakfasts the girls really enjoy them .  They seem to put all manners aside and dive into their plates literally and indulge themselves, in bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns.  Yes that is just one meal.  So messy kitchen aside they all seem to really enjoy it.  Me, well I was quite content with my bowl of cereal :)  The girls are finally on the mend and feeling better, honestly being housebound for this long makes me go a little stir crazy.  I have been clipping away at house projects and finishing up some odds and ends things.  I have decided to re do my bedroom.  Yes I know another project...well that's what staying home in bed does to you, not the tranquil resting spot I pictured.  Actually I am not sure if that type of bedroom is possible with two toddlers?  So I purchased a new bedroom set but have to wait for delivery for a few weeks so I have time to get a plan in order.  The barn office is getting finished this weekend, well that what Joe has informed me of.  We shall see. The desk is almost complete and I have to admit Joes version of rustic is pretty impressive, I would like it to now be my house office.  Our pony Kingsley has also got some long needed attention after the rain and finally got a bath with soap and is hair all trimmed up.  He has become quite a spunky pony.  For those of you that have had ponies or know about them you know all to well that when they are left alone  (and in pasture by themselves)  they start to rule the roost.  So long story short he needs a strong willed pasture mate.  So progress has been made, office desk has been built, now on to prep for tomorrow projects so more to come!!

yes, pajamas that are too small, Averys boots on the wrong feet.  We keep it country at home

Diving into Daddy's Breakfast

Keeping a close eye on sissy

Missy Adiego