Busy Days, Birthday Parties.....and a floor

So this weekend was packed of fun filled activities for both the kids and I.  I spent a girly day in San Francisco celebrating my best friends birthday. We shopped till we couldn't walk anymore, had a great dinner with girly drinks and saw the movie Bridesmaids.  The movie is highly recommend if you are up for an all out belly laugh it was down right hilarious.  Joe held down the house with both girls, and surprisingly I came home to the house all picked up(not usually a normal) so I thoroughly enjoyed a day of leisure with my girlfriends and the shopping,well as you know it is a favorite of mine.  I ending up finding some great goodies.  We even got to see Tabatha from bravos TV show Tabathas salon takeover shopping in Nordstrom.  I wanted to ask for a picture but didn't want to bother her so I got a shopping shot :)  The farm projects continued this weekend and the barn office floors got installed.....yes finally installed and ready for furniture.  Amazing, and it only took Joe an hour and a half.....and yes he also complained about that for two months.  So its done and now he has to build the desks.  So out with one project in with another.  The 60 acres of silage also got cut and sold this weekend.  Amazing to see the field go from so green to brown.  We will now be able to graze sheep on that extra part of the property which will be nice.  We attended a neighborhood birthday today, its so nice to get to chat with everyone and see all the kids playing and starting to form friendships.  Too cute....Avery did manage to hit the birthday girl with a bat on accident during pinata time.  I don't think everyone knows how much we love candy in this family.  I guess I will have to watch a little closer from now on.  So great weekend of parties and projects.  So hopefully some resting this week to come and a little down time to come :)

Hadleys new handmade hat

Tabatha from (Bravos Tabathas salon takeover)

my girly raspberry coloda

Joe working on the office floors

almost done 

Silage being cut

party project

Having fun at the birthday party
Missy Adiego