Barnyard Babies and Runny Noses

So the past few days the girls have both come down with a pretty nasty cold.  So between that and the rain I have been housebound. I did finally cave into the pillow pet craze and get the girls each a pillow.  If I knew how entertained they would be I would have gotten them a long time ago. Being housebound most housewives would cook and do many wifely things, but my time was spent with crabby kids, runny noses, laundry, cleaning  and only a little bit of baking. So Joe doesn't catch a break even when I am stuck home.  I just dislike cooking, so I have designated him to that.  Otherwise I can handle taco night and the crock pot.  If you want some cookies or cake I am all over that :)  The farm has still been busy, the barn office is at a standstill and just patiently awaiting the desks to be built.  I joke with Joe that we need to re think our contractor since he keeps abandoning the job (aka Joe).  There has been lots of new babies seems like the little lambs like being born in the rain.  Speaking of babies we also have lots of new Haverton  Hill Chicks.  We use lots of eggs for the sheep, so this way the eggs will be handy.  Ellie seems to think they are just fantastic and all for her.  If she only could figure out how to squeeze through the grate on the coop she would be all set.  We also are housing a baby rabbit....yes housing.  Thanks to one of Joes friends whos dog found a baby rabbit, we now have yet another animal.  Surprisingly it has lived and Joe is bottle feeding it. I asked "when can we let it loose"?  He says its a mascot.  Come on, really? That's all we need.  Thank god we don't acquire kids like we seem to acquire animals. So Joe has taken on the task of now milking when needed, farm projects, house projects, feeding animals, and part time cooker.  I felt bad for a minute, then think well now he knows what its like to be a mom and do a million things at once and have endless to do lists.  So more bottle feeding, projects, and hopefully barn desks to come.  Oh....and kids without runny noses !!

Our pajama stroll to the barn

Just waiting for a desk

Hadley admiring the ugly hole, I think the same thing What are we going to do with that?

Feeding with Daddy

Ellie admiring the chicks

our new mascot

yes that is sheep marker....lets hope it washes out and we don't have to shear her

baby chicks

Missy Adiego