Shopping days....and working nights

So the progress is really coming along down at the barn. The guys have been working super hard on clean up around the place and the rubbish piles are now gone.  (pics to come soon) The office is coming along and I am hoping to surprise Joe with a finished office by the time he comes home (he is gone for business next week) So I am hoping for great weather next week, enlisting help from my in laws and really hoping to get it all accomplished :)  We usually go down after dinner to visit daddy at the barn before bath time, the girls usually tool around and play in the milking parlor.  I  finally broke down and milked sheep for the first time yesterday....although I have to admit I did wear disposable gloves,  I am sure the guys found that funny....well Joe did, but hey at least I tried to milk them I was a bit gross, not sure if I would be up for doing it daily.  Now I will be having him clean toilets and doing dishes and see how he does!!  I have still been working hard on decorating the house trying to get it where I want it. Still some tweaking to do.  I headed to the Homegoods store today with my mother in law and the girls, we had a great day of shopping, lunch, carousel rides and all things girly. So more decorating, shopping and work nights to come !!

Missy Adiego