More Projects and Parades !!

So the barn area is still being cleaned up....I swear it is a never ending process.  Some more old fencing and barns have been tore down.  We are getting ready to put up more pens  for sheep and fix an additional barn.  I was planning on painting the milk barn this next week and getting the barn office done.  Well that was the plan, and that is probably not happening.  The barn office is at a stand still, I swear Joe just doesn't want me finishing it.  Like stated before  his rustic and my rustic are two different things  (very different)  So that project will be continued.  We are up to 180 milking ewes and lots of lambs...and I mean lots.  Zoey and Zues are not looking like puppies anymore they are small pony size already.  We have been doing some outside house projects as well.  The old fence where Kingsley is housed, has been tore down and   we are getting ready for new fencing.  We are planning on a new addition in a few months so we need to get ready for her.... ( A very special addition I might add and NO...not another baby...I am not CRAZY) a very special horse for me :)  I had to do a little begging and whining and a few tears were shed but Joe finally agreed so we are all super excited.  (more to come on that ) So lots to do outside on top of the house needing paint all by June 15th... OK maybe I am a bit CRAZY!!!  We defiantly stay busy around here to say the least.  We decided to take the girls to the Apple Blossom parade this year with Layla, Grandma Lori and Papa.  We usually do the petaluma butter and eggs parade but since this one was earlier and closer we went for that one.  I have to admit I was very disappointed.  Not much of a fun parade.  I guess we got spoiled with the butter and eggs parade where every float and band is amazing !!  A good time was had by all of us. Avery, Hadley, and Layla danced on the sidewalks to the marching bands and didn't even notice the dull floats. So a great week ahead and more projects and pictures to come !!

Down goes some more fence

more demo work 

Marking for new fence

Well she does think she is as old as Avery

new print for the kitchen

Another Kitchen Print

Mudroom Print

not sure where Joe thinks he would fit another kid ??

Grandma Lori and Papa

not to amused with the wasn't that great I have to say !!

at least no one is crying in this picture

Avery and Joe

Little Miss Hads

Mom and I

Little Layla

Marching band is coming

Nighttime hugs for Daddy

Missy Adiego