Lesson Learned

So back to the playroom post..I actually did hurt my knee.  Sunday night I was finally in so much pain and my knee was so swollen I decided to go into the ER and get my knee checked out.  I am not a fan of the ER or doctors offices. I always worry what if nothing is wrong then I wasted their time.  I had been walking around on my leg and not resting since when I rested it, it seemed to get worse.  Well as soon as I went in the doctor said you are defiantly going to be layed up!  Not so good news, but at least I knew I wasn't being a giant baby.  Joe sat there feeling bad for me poor guy, I had to explain to the doctor that we were just messing around and I happened to trip and fall with a little help from Joe on the concrete, and that he wasn't actually trying to kill me :) that I know of anyways.  So x rays back and I tore my LCL and have a bone chip on the outside of my knee.  So I am not allowed to do anything for a week or two and have to go get an MRI next.  I am in a knee immobilizer and crutches.  Uggh seriously this must be part of heading towards 30...Joe said what happened to bracing your fall.  If I could of seen myself fall I know I would have been laughing.  Well not laughing anymore.  So lesson learned you can't goof off like I used too.  I am officially getting old !!  Joe must be feeling so bad he is offering to do projects that I know he wouldn't be doing....so I am rolling right along with that train.  He got the landscaping done around the barn sign which looks great!! Joe and his dad also made some progress on the barn office which is  pretty much sheet rocked , start of outside steps, so hopefully we will have a barn office soon.  So a week full of TV, nail painting, and whatever else I can do to occupy my time. Huge thanks to my mom and mother in law for helping with errands and watching my girls.  I am super lucky for you both :) I am not one to lay around so I am already having a tough time....so hopefully a magically healed knee to come!!

Missy Adiego