Hippity Hop

So this weekend was a fun filled family weekend.  My sister Brey and My brother in law  Eric took Hadley for a cuzzy overnight on Saturday and the girls played hard and had a blast.  (Thanks guys)  Avery decided to stay home with mommy, which was nice.  Seems like we don't have much time together she is usually the one that gets to go away all the time since she easier.  I always have Hadley so a little one on one with Avery was super fun.  I came to realize how fast she is growing up, and how amazingly self sufficient she is at 3 ( I am wishing she stays this little forever)  We went shopping during the day, which let me tell you the girl sure enjoys shopping. She wanted a purse so badly...yes a purse.  It was a dora purse but she insisted, so home we came with a dora purse which is now pretty much attached to her shoulder.  Joe had a break from milking Saturday night so we decided to have a special date night with Avery we had a quick little dinner, and took her to her first movie Hop.  She had a blast just to see how excited she got to go with us to the BIG movie theater, it was just adorable.  We also dyed Easter eggs with the girls today including cuzzy Layla. Easter is a big deal around here, so lots of fun activities the weeks before!! I have to admit it was a lot smoother than expected.  Glitter in the hair was the worst it got, so egg dying a complete success...we would not be winning any egg competitions soon though the decorating was a bit rough looking.  Projects continued around the farm this weekend.  The office is coming along and now tape and textured thanks to my father in law. The new parking lot is also now rocked so all in all a good weekend.  Filled with fun times, playing and lots of projects !!!

Missy Adiego