Girls Night

Its amazing how a night with close friends, can lift your spirits, put life problems back to reality and laugh so hard your stomach hurts every time.  I always come home from girls dinner smiling and feeling like a new person.  I am so lucky to have such close girlfriends that seem to always say the right things and make me laugh so hard!!  A great dinner,  venting, some laughs and a bottle of wine a great way to end a crazy hectic week.  Love you girls...thanks for being so awesome and always making me smile and to Kristin for making such a yummy dinner...(totally not on the bridal diet though)  :)  Joe stayed home and managed the girls so I could have a bit of relief.  I came home to him sound asleep the girls all tucked in and find his pajamas he was wearing covered in stickers.  Looks like the girls had a great night with daddy too !!

Missy Adiego