Camo and Candy!!

So great ending to a crazy week.  When I say Crazy I mean Crazy. Ellie went missing for a whole day, after many tears and hours and hours of searching for her. Thanks to a great neighbor for picking her up and returning her home (she decided to stroll down our road).  Joe finally returned home after a week away on business.  We were so happy to have him mostly, just for a normal shower without someone yelling "Mommy what are you doing, are you done yet"? He was so excited about the gifts that he purchased to bring home to us.  He mentioned he went to cabelas outlet in Texas....for all of you that aren't familiar with Cabelas it a hunting outdoor store (not a place I would stop to shop).  Well there is a HUGE difference between Cabelas outlet and Nordstrom Rack.  So I was thinking I can only imagine what those gifts are... I was just picturing camo pajamas and ugly baseball hats.  Well, I was presently surprised to find adorable patchwork horse purses, and pink columbia fleeces, so lets just say I have to give him credit he did great and is learning :)  Easter was a huge success, the Easter Bunny made it to our house and left candy filled baskets, and between family and friends we are super stocked on fun toys, candy books outfits till next Easter. Thanks to everyone for thinking of the girls and all the special gifts. Joe and I had a great Easter with family and the girls and are super lucky for what we have.  So more candy  filled tummies and projects to come !!!

Daddys Gifts

"Ellie" Happy to be home

Easter Bunny hopped by our house

Grandma Lori and Hadley

Just Hanging with Daddy

Avery and Joe

Papa Carl and Hadley

Stair Sliding at Grandmas

Stone Hopping 

Easter Brunch

Easter Baskets from Grandma Jolene, Aunties and Friends

Peek a boo
Missy Adiego