Beach House and Sandcastles

So I spent the day with family out at the beach house.  There was a little sandcastle and kites festival in Bodega, so we decided to take all the kids down to see the spectacular sandcastles.  Well we made a hike across the beach to see the castle only to find two (yes only two....and bunch of kites which were pretty neat)  I have to say I was expecting two story sandcastles and huge I wasn't really impressed, but the kids... well lets just say they had tons of fun, all except Hadley  who decided she won't stand in the sand so I had to carry her all the way across the beach to see the sandcastles (which all the kids just wanted to run and jump on) She is the only kid I know that hates the beach, and the ocean she just cried and screamed.  So that leaves me with few to no options as far as family vacations.  She doesn't like rides, and now she hates sand and oceans.  So I guess we are looking at a Midwest family vacation :) Avery and Layla ran around the whole time filling their buckets and eating sand.  Yes eating sand (a country mouth exfoliation) So back to the beach house full of sand and overtired kids!!!  So a great fun family day filled with not so impressive sand castles, little kites, kids giggles, sand filled pants....oh and for me a couple of really sore arms from carrying a not so light baby around.

Missy Adiego