Back At It!!!

So I went to the orthopedic yesterday....who let me take off my knee immobilizer...which hardly immobilized me just made me look awkwardly weird running after my children.  There is no such thing as rest when you have two toddlers.  I tried a few days just to have Avery around and I even found myself up and down all day long.  So to say the least it didn't work out so well.  I loved the new advice from the orthopedic so I ran with it.  I am still in a ton of pain and just going to try to take it easy and see how the next week goes.  I am not one for sitting around resting.   So yesterday was one of those days where I think we all have...well I do anyway where everything is just not going right and everyone and everything is bugging you.  My dear husband Joe has been driving me nuts the past few days (just part of being cooped in the house I am sure)  He is one of those people that if something is wrong it is never his fault...and the sympathy well that stopped.  I have to say by sitting around I have learned a few things. So time to get back on track and keep sight of what is important.  That being...the things that make me happy.  Sometimes you get lost in the midst of others and forget what makes you happy and whats important to you.  I know....I know....the "mom years" it is all about that, but I need to learn to find that balance on raising happy healthy children while being able to keep myself happy and do some things for myself.  Amazing what a few days of lounging around does right.  So moving forward...time for some changes and things that make mom happy other than kids.  I got laughing with my mom on the way home from the doctor.  I made her pit stop at McDonald's for a m&m mcflurry just to have one in peace and quiet.  Its amazing the little things in life once you have kids, just to enjoy that mcflurry without someone wanting the first bite, then arguing over who gets the second.  So after a drive filled with tears, laughter and a magically delicious mcflurry, and a heart to heart with mom I have a new outlook. So more projects, arguments and a new and some self improvements to come !!

Missy Adiego