All a girl needs is a power drill

So I have been asking Joe for weeks to install the blinds in the bathroom to finish up the house.  Well with that being said they have been sitting in the box for two weeks straight. I am noticing a going theme with Joe he makes you ask till you are exhausted...then finally gives in and does it.  So I took matters into my own hands and fully installed the blinds myself today.  I even shortened the length, so I have learned instead of all that asking for projects to get done, I think I just need a power drill and some tools, that way I will get most the projects done myself.   Speaking of tools, my mom came over to help me rearrange my bedroom and install the headboard.  Of course I couldn't find the hammer again.. so I improvised you should have seen us hanging a picture, (I couldn't find a hammer so I used the flat part of an ax)  Yes....I know what you are thinking, that was a bit to country for me also.  I told my mom I feel like life just goes in circles, I used to hide clothes from my sister now I have to hide tools from my husband so I don't have to end up using the backside of an ax.   The farm is full of projects this week, and new fence is being  built this week and the guys have made a ton of progress in only two days.  Avery and Hadley have been enjoying their daily visits to Zoey and Zeus and getting their clothes all dirty on a daily basis.  So now more projects to come and hopefully a girly power drill...wonder if they come in pink ? (that way I will for sure know which guy around here has it)

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newly installed blinds

Ellie 5 months old

this is what happens when the house is quiet for five minutes, Avery strapped the riding helmet on Hadley

first day in her big girl more highchair

Trying to sneak Zoey out of the pen
going for a ride in the feed trough

come here lambie
Missy Adiego