What was I thinking?

So when Joe started this business venture, I stood firm on it's his thing I will help out here and there and do fun things.  Well...the fun things lasted all but a few days, it was just plain work all around. A few weeks back I decided to help out.  I said I will do all the accounting and payroll etc.  The administrative things.  I figured " It can't be that hard or time consuming right"?  Well I was wrong.  I am not sure what I was thinking taking another task on on top of two toddlers running around my house.  Well since the barn office is still unbuilt, and the playroom floors are still not put in the office is now my kitchen table. I feel daily frustration on not being able to get things done .  I have to admit I am a bit OCD on organization.  I have to have things done, done right, and everything pretty organized.  I find myself in a midst of chaos, trying to figure out how to balance being a mom, wife and now business employee.  All minus pay?  So that new furniture is quite well deserved now in my opinion.  Hopefully I can figure out a routine, and an office or playroom floors (my office) to come, and come soon. I might have to let the tears come out to get a workspace.  Somewhere or anywhere at this point!!
Missy Adiego