Tic for Tac

We finally had a little break in the weather and got to go outside today and play, go down to the barn and see all the progress and move Billy... (the goat) up by the house again.  We also spent some time with Kingsley (the pony) who has just been hanging out in this weather....isn't exactly riding weather.  The barn area looks good. Cleanup is going well, a few more babies today that are just adorable. Joe and I can't wait for it to stop raining so we can finish some more projects.  I e-mailed him the other day at work saying we should hire a new contractor to finish the barn office...since ours (aka Joe/hubby) keeps abandoning the job! So as previously blogged "The bickerings"  Joe and I are the type to hash it out.  So I have a story to share about today.  So Joe comes strolling in the door....walking to the fridge with his muddy boots on (just so you have the picture)  If I had a sling shot I swear to god I probably would have broke his toe.  I had just mopped and the floors had only been dry all of 10 minutes.  What I love most is the look on his face of "complete shock I had mopped"  Meaning he knew I had but played dumb and just strolled in anyway.  Then to add to the fire he decides to ask whats for dinner...anyone who knows me knows I HATE cooking...baking great...cooking just not my thing.  That is also on the list with pigs, chickens, cows, etc.  I reply back "spaghetti" that's a meal in my book, throw in some garlic bread and that to me is gourmet.  So on with laundry I go.....10 minutes later notice Joe is cooking.  I ask what are you doing?  He replies smiling "making sauce".....well excuse me what is wrong with Ragu?  So in my head I am thinking when did we always have to one up each other?  My gourmet dinner would have just been fine.  Well a half hour later....kitchen a mess.....freshly mopped floors, now muddy with boot prints and pasta sauce on the floor and counter tops full of clutter. I didn't know if I should be shocked or ticked?  We just looked at each other and laughed.  He says you couldn't have done that!  Well he is right. I probably would just eat cereal. So my reply....I am off to vacuum and clean for the third time today....something I am great at!  So at the end of the day plenty of love in our house, a great marriage....but always a tick for tac!!  Well at least we had full bellies and a clean house right?

Missy Adiego