Tantrums, Tears and Laughter

So I have been learning this week the joys of having two toddlers. Avery has been learning to share a little better with Hadley, with a little better I mean Avery in tears and Hadley pulling hair.  I am finding my days filled in laughs watching the girls work through it.  Surprisingly they have been doing great within a few days.  Avery is learning that every new thing that comes in the house is not for her....shocking but true.  My mom asked her the other day "where did you get your rug"?  She as serious as can be replied "UPS".  So when UPS brought Hadleys new car seat she automatically thought it was hers.  The UPS guys thinks she is a kick rushing out to meet him. I am not sure how Joe would feel about or excitement for UPS?  I am loving the stages of the girls, even with the bad days.  Hadleys tantrums...well those are getting better...she has stayed in her new car seat...which means I get to places faster not having to pull over.  By pulling over I mean pulling over to cry and re buckle her in...yes moms have tantrums too :)  No is meaning No and I am not feeling bad about it for now anyways. So more tantrums, hair pulling, tears and lots of laughs to come all just part of the "Mom years"

visiting Billy

this is what happens when I walk away 
Missy Adiego