SUNSHINE !!!!!!!!!!

So we finally have sunshine!!!!!  Let me just tell you how great it is to finally have some real California weather.  The last few days the temps have been rising supposed to be high of 82 today. Well that is great and all but of course we have all been sick in this house.  We are the only ones that get sick in warm weather. I came down with some flu/hard cold virus and felt awful.  On top of that Avery somehow caught pinkeye which we have never had so poor girl wasn't feeling good either.  Then to boot Joe caught what we had :(  Hadley obviously has the strong immune system in the family.  So we are finally all on the mend and feeling normal again and the sun is shining so we got a few projects around the house done.  I had Joe take out the rest of the fence behind the house so it is all cleaned up.  When we were all done I.....had to give him a hard time I mean he complained for two months and it took him all of 10 minutes (seriously)  So the fence down looks great and I got some plants planted and the lawn seeded today.  Avery helped all day clean up around the house!! Still tons to do before June.  The barn area is cleaning up nicely, we had a few good burn days which allowed us to finally burn those meandering wood piles that have been lingering since winter.  I think the guys are finally getting to know how clean I want it around the place, they have been working super hard all day to get some projects done.  I might just have to talk to them instead of Joe :)  We received our new wood barn sign today...which looks awesome. Now I have to figure out a nice entranceway to the barn and how to hang the sign...just another project right.  Well all in all the place is starting to look great and the cleanup really helps.  So hopefully the sun will keep on shining and some more cleanup and projects to come!!

my little helper

our new farm sign

the lingering burn pile

the new plants

more old fence gone

Kingsley enjoying the sunshine and his newly clean pen

Missy Adiego