Stroller Screams

So to say the least we have had an interesting week.  I like to keep this blog honest and real.  So here it is honest and real.  I decided to take a little shopping trip with the girls and my mother in law to the outlets to get a few needed items (well my dad would say wants vs needs)  So the girls are usually great and shop wonderful and always pretty easy.  Well lets just say I have hit a phase with Hadley, she has learned to throw fits.  I have to admit I had it easy with Avery no meant no and that was that.  Well I am pulling out those John Rosemond parenting books this week, just as a refresher. To make a long story short. The minute I put Hadley in her stroller the madness began and escalated. All out madness broke loose in the second store.  I figured I can't give in she needs to learn.  Well that second store I thought.... OK I will let her walk....not a good idea.  Clothes off the racks and shelves.  So back in the stroller she went,  face red as a cherry, throwing herself out of the stroller not once but twice.  Screaming......oh my gosh I thought, is she really acting like this?  Yes...Yes she was.  I am that mom that people are staring at and saying take your kid home.  Yes I was thinking the same complete shock I was not sure how to handle it, I have never had to deal with this before.  So in the stroller she stayed, screaming out of the store we went, only to have everyone outside staring.  Yes.... that was me with the screaming kid in the stroller.  So finally she quieted down a little, all the while Avery was a trooper probably as in shock as me wondering why sissy was going crazy.  I conquered one more store in hopes it would be fine like normal. home we went, now with a cranky baby, cranky toddler, and cranky mom.  So lesson learned that Hadley is not always sweet as sugar like I thought, she gives me a run for my money and is already strong minded.  She has mastered fits... and good ones at that... time to regroup and re read those parenting books.  I can only imagine what age 2 will bring if I don't fix this now.  I wonder how long it will take her to realize that no means no, and that is that?  Wish me sorry to those who heard my child screaming all across Petaluma.  So more fits, crazy mom days, and parenting lessons to come!!

Missy Adiego