Project Heaven

So its official some of the little house projects got, by my dad.  Lets just say I have thoroughly enjoyed him being here and helping out with some extra projects that I had.  Joe on the other had has thoroughly appreciated it too :)  Since he got out of it...but don't worry his list is still plenty long.  I finally got the blinds hung up around most the house.  The girls room is coming along....and yes...almost finished.  We hung blinds in there as well as their new chandelier and added a few things to the decor.  The new shower rod is hung, and it provides 33% more space.  I guess I need to change my strategy with Joe, if I had told him that, it would have probably been hung already....seeing as it was a Christmas gift!!  The farm is lets just say super wet and muddy we have had an endless amount of rain here.  We are up to 160 milking ewes, and tons of babies.  The milk production is still great and where we would like to see it.  A few sheep had a vet appt this week to get ultra sounded to confirm pregnancy which is always fun to see.  Many more babies to come !! My dad sure enjoyed seeing the whole operation of the place now that it is up and going.  Avery to say the least loved having someone to boss around and show all her special animals too.  Hadley....well her fits have seemed to have gone away for the time being,  and she is back to her pleasurable self, which equals a happy mommy !! So hopefully more projects to come and a special birthday party tomorrow !!

Missy Adiego