Projects and Priorities

So the projects around the farm continue...yes the farm. The house, well that is still the same.  Maybe I will have better luck next weekend?  Joe decided to work on the office a bit in between milkings and other projects.  He finally got the rough siding , the trim and a door....yes....there is a door thank goodness.  Now it actually feels like an office, sort of.  It looks great.  I told Joe he really needs to start working on the outside of the house, or I am installing bunk beds in the office. (I will just do my version of rustic)  So Joe and I are still trying to figure out how to balance our lives, and make time for everything.  There does not seem to be enough time in the day for everything.  I am not sure if that ever gets figured out, so we are staying strong and learning all about priorities.  We have also both learned that, the instant gratification thing that we both love so much is not such a reality anymore.  Which I have to say just sucks....I wish I could snap my fingers and things would be done.....Although on my bad days, Joe probably thinks I am part witch and that could actually happen :)  As far as the sheep go they are doing great.  We are up to roughly 150 milking, twice daily and they are averaging around 4 pounds of milk which is great!!  There are new babies daily and the lambs are still plentiful, and growing rapidly. I have lost count I will have to ask Joe.  Zoey and Zeus are still adorable.  Muddy from all the rain but adorable. Thanks to everyone for the farm visits, we love the company.  So lots more milk to come, hopefully some drywall in the office and those playroom floors.....well......I think I am going to give up on those for now.

The progress

The door

all loaded in the parlor

Morning playtime

serious drive cart driving...door shopping


Missy Adiego