Planning and Parties

So I have had a busy weekend with wedding planning with my best friend Kristin who is getting married this August.  Kristin and I have been best friends for 15 years now. I used to go pick her up after school when I first got my license to get strawberry milkshakes from McDonalds (still a favorite of mine) Now, I pick her up after work to wedding shop.  Amazing so many years have gone by, we are still so close and still laugh so hard every time we see each other our tummies hurt.  She is for sure that one person that knows everything, been through pretty much every up and down with me, and that person who still sets me straight if needed and tell me how fat my new jeans make me look.....Well thats what best friends are for, and I am one lucky girl to have such a great one :) I also got a chance to have a little girls dinner with Kristin and Kathryn. We chatted the night away with great stories and laughs that were plentiful. We took Hadley along for the wedding shopping and let me just say she is one good shopper.  I don't even want to break that news to Joe. Speaking of Joe he ran and errand the other day and Avery insisted on wearing her princess heels in the store, so in he went in muck boots and her in princess heels, it almost sent him over the edge. Joe,the girls and I also attended my father in law Tonys 50th birthday party which is always a great time.  The weather is supposed to clear up this week so I am so excited to tackle some projects around the house.  Hopefully some projects around the barn area will get done as well.  This weather has given Joe the itch to get some things done and cleaned up which always works in my favor.  We are just plain over all the rain and mud. So more party planning and crazy stories to come!!!

muck boots and princess heels

Missy Adiego