Parties and Play

So we finally had a family day.  Yes.....a full fledged day of family fun, all to celebrate Laylas 2nd birthday.  We went down to Pleasanton to a place called Super Franks.  Well the party was from 10 to noon and lets just say we had a ton of excitement for 10 in the morning.  Good thing I grabbed an iced coffee beforehand.  I have to admit I was wiped out after the party, I think Joe and I played as hard as the kids. The room was a filled with toys and a small little town, a jump house, and much more.  The girls were amazing and full of smiles, I was a bit worried since Hadley decided to skip her morning nap.  Which usually is a bit of a gamble when that happens it could have been like a bad storm!!  With  our adrenaline up and screaming kids, Joe and I ran around playing with the toys in and out of the little town. It was so fun!!  I did catch Joe yawning mid morning!!  So with a great family day full of playing, and quality time... exhausted and home we went back to normal life of work and projects!!  So more projects to come this week, and hopefully some sunshine in the forecast !!

Missy Adiego