PaPa Arrives

So we have been super excited for my dad aka "papa ron"  from new york to come out and visit.  Well today marked his arrival, and the girls were super excited.  Avery woke up at 6:45 proclaiming we had to get going.....time to go the airport.  So up and excited we were running around frantically looking for a suitcase!! I guess she needed a suitcase to go pick him up?  Avery still is absolutely in love with San Francisco.....She loves the buildings, the golden gate bridge and she is positive Yo Gabba Gabba lives there, and all those beautiful churches....well those are filled with princesses.  So truly a fun place to visit.  So with papa picked up and in Mel's Diner we went a true staple and must eat place in the city.  The girls were fantastic...and that food came so fast if only all restaurants were that fast.  We left with full tummies and my dad saying "the girls were great"....if he only knew what it is really like with slow service, and past noon. That usually entails an all out meltdown times 2.  So a great weekend ahead with lots of projects, naps and papa time...and a really special 2nd birthday party for Layla cuzzy.  We can't wait!!  So more stories and hopefully a finished project to come!!

Missy Adiego