A Little Re Vamping

So today with the help of my mom I attempted my living room again...yes again.  I am learning how hard it is to design a small space, and have it look good with functional use of every nook, just when I think its getting there I don't like it.  So I pulled out some old things from storage, added with my new furniture (coffee and console table) I think  I am finally on the right track.  I am liking it much better.  I  still need to hang a few more things.  I also created a little office space, to satisfy my OCD for the organization while I wait for the completion of the barn office.  It works great so far !!  I also got my rug delivered today for the girls room, and absolutely love it... I have to say they like it just as much.  I also added an old table to the mud room to help with looks and functionality for the time being. So the re designing continues,  the UPS continues to come this week.  Joe, well he will probably decide to do house projects so I stop spending money :)  Whatever works right?

Missy Adiego