Farm Days

So things are starting to look great around the farm.  Well, good :)  I can't wait for the weather to clear up to start painting and cleaning up the driveway, plant plants etc.  Oh that picture in my head is just so nice.  I wish Joe saw the same picture in his head and put a RUSH on things.  Again instant gratification isn't a daily thing around here anymore, well....except for online shopping that does it for me!!  We have had wild turkeys in the pony pen with "Kingsley" I am not sure if they got the memo we have an all out animal farm or what, I just can't seem to catch a break with all the animals around here. The sheep are milking great and production is where we were hoping.  The guys are really starting to clean up the place while Joe is at his normal job.  Gates have been hung, wire strung, clean barns, fresh straw, and  garbage has been picked up.  I am starting to think Joe needs to be one of those garbage workers you see along the highway to know what it feels like to pick up trash, since we are always walking behind him picking up his garbage soda cans etc.  Actually if he gets more traffic tickets he might be one of those people.  Avery had cuzzy day with Layla today which means a day with grandma lori and papa and a slumber party at the beach.  Oh and those Tsunami warnings... thats what happens when you have two kids you just send them off to play on the beach with Tsunami warnings just in hope of some quiet time :)  Well no Tsunami at grandmas today just big waves and a great sunset!!  Hadley just had a great day full of giggles and smiles. So a weekend ahead of projects and cleaning....I bet Joe can't wait to see my list for him.  I guess I better let him eat dinner before I show him the list :)

Just some chicken nuggets while sitting on the kitty

all lined up ready to milk

just waiting

some paint samples

our new turkeys...that won't leave
just trying to say "BAA"
Missy Adiego