Chores, aging and being a grown up

So back to blogging after a little family down time.  Joe and I have decided to let Avery help out with chores since she seems really willing and wants to do things.......we all know that won't last long right?  So she has been putting away her own laundry.....she just loves doing dishes and yesterday she even cleaned her room.  A little heavy on the cleaning spray but thats all part of the fun. Hadley just follows around trying to do everything Avery does, Avery better learn now to be a good role model!!  We had a little field trip with Averys preschool to see a the Pinocchio play in Pt. Reyes an adorable small town about a half and hour from us.  Since moving I have really been torn on schools for Avery.  We are in between districts and I swear I break out in a full sweat thinking about what school to send her to?  I feel like it is a life changing decision, if she gets bad grades and gets off track its all my fault.  I have to admit I have just fallen in love with where she is at, so small and all the moms, teachers and kids are just great.  Seems like everyone knows your kid which I just love!!  Avery really loved the play and even made me laugh quite a few times, but it was just so fun to watch her face and excitement throughout the whole thing.  Truly one of those moments I  will cherish forever....and also one of those moments making me realize how life it flying by so fast.  I was just telling Joe the other night "oh my god I am 28 years old"  he looked at me in amazement like I was sooo old..  must be nice to be god he acts like I am so much older.  He might of well told me I am fat too :) Oh....lets just hope he grows wiser with age and masters the "Yes Dear". I am not sure what made me think of my age and why I haven't in the last five years.  I guess I am going to be 29 this year which is almost 30....Oh god...that means life needs to be together, organization, anti wrinkle cream, no more cheap jewelry....forever 21 is out of the picture...more kids if I want them....there is just a lot that comes with 30 in my book.  Not sure if Joe will like my book but thats just life right?  In the mean time I will continue to stress....which probably speeds the wrinkling process up.  More decisions, grown up shopping including anti wrinkle cream, and more chores to come !!

Missy Adiego