The Animal Debate

So Joe and I have this ongoing argument about eating animals.  I have a rule if I see it I can't eat it. I am a meat eater, but thoroughly enjoy not knowing where it came from.  The more processed and commercial packaging the better. I know people hunt and eat their meat which is great don't waste and I think everyone is different.  In my case I just can grasp the idea of getting animals, bottle feeding them then eating them. Joe and I were raised very different in many ways.  He grew up raising and showing animals in 4-H.  So you raise the animals up and feed, clean and show them.  To sell them for meat or something like that.  Seriously?  I just think that is crazy, I know Joe thinks I am  funny and that is how he earned a lot of money. I just feel like we are from two different worlds when it comes to animals.  I have empathy and think animals are pets and when you get one you should have it forever.  Joe thinks of it as that is life and the process more of a life cycle thing. So we still have not settled the argument on what our kids will do.  I always tell him no 4-H whatsoever, and he says he will do it all I don't have to be involved. ( I can only imagine the girls outfits with daddy dressing them.. not pretty)  So we shall see. I don't see how I could go watch my kids do that.  I would be the crazy mom crying at the  in gate holding onto the animal yelling no. That.......or always be the highest bidder to buy our own animals back, so we would be broke? I am more the dancing, equestrian, volleyball kind of mom. I am a tomboy and think farm life is great and wonderful for the kids, but I have to draw the line somewhere. As my friend Kathryn would say "I don't know if you want to be that down home", and I don't.  So here at the farm Joe got a few cows and pigs to raise up to sell or eat.  Needless to say I don't go visit them.  I will never eat that meat, I feel so bad for the little animals.  I have no words to describe this process, which no words for me is rare, and now I have to try to explain to my 3 year old lets go see the cows, feed them then we will eat them.  Yeah right!!  When I first tried to tell Avery what happens she said "Daddy don't eat me"  So she didn't get it at all.  That, or she thinks daddy eats everything in sight? Not sure how to handle this situation yet, so for now we buy the processed commercial packaged meat that we don't personally know the animal and are quite fine with that process.  Joe on the other hand will just have to get a separate freezer and have separate dinners next year.  The 4-H debate continues I know we have awhile to decide, so hopefully they will not have any interest and save me the argument with Joe, that or I am going to have to learn to hide animals like my new clothes with tags on them. We shall see?

Missy Adiego