The Work Continues

So the ranch is coming along....not as fast as I would like but its getting there.  Joe is building a new office from floor up.  He tells me its going to be " real nice, you know rustic"  Well not sure how I feel about rustic.  So I am trusting his judgement till its done then well chat. His rustic and my rustic are two different things. Mine is more southern living, traditional home rustic. His umm...more like barn wood and deer heads, and dirty floors.  My mother in law came to the farm today with a huge surprise in her trunk.  I was thinking it was weekend doughnuts.  Much to my surprise it was a trunk full of lavender, for my lavender filled flower pots that I visioned, which I can't wait to plant.  So we are up to 80 ewes that have have many babies and many more to come.  Joe brought Avery home a surprise well (4) to be exact.  Cows.....uggh...I can't stress enough that I am not a cow fan, not that they are bad or anything is wrong with them but they are right up there with rabbits and chickens in my book. So the point of the cows is to feed them up and then eat them.  Well that is a another post another day.  I don't see that happening, and Joe and I are defiantly not on the same page as that goes.  Meanwhile I have to look at their cute sad faces daily.  Avery got a new little artic cat ride on for the farm, which she bombs around in.  It goes 5mph to be exact.  So if you come visit you might want to watch where you park.  She used all her piggy bank money to buy it, which took about and hour to count with a 3 year old.  Hadley is truly enjoying walking everywhere and getting into everything put it this way every trip out requires a bath when we come in the house.  So more stories, arguments, dirt and a rustic office to come !!!!

Thanks Auntie Mawee for the visit today :)

Missy Adiego