The wifey timeline

So the farm progress continues.  We have lots of new projects and old to finish up.  Joe actually started the office yesterday with help from his dad. I went out in the morning....yes Joes favorite part when I stroll out to check progress.  Needless to say there were not any walls up but a flatbed full of supplies.  We chatted about his design.  Well... I am still not picturing it.  We shall see.  All four walls are up on the office and the roof frame is up along with some siding.  What a difference an afternoon makes.  Joe always tells me he doesn't want me to know everything he can do because I will have a mile long list for him.  That is for sure, he amazes me sometimes.  The office looks nicer than my house already....I was a bit jealous since we haven't started my projects.  The guys from Arolo were out working last week to put siding up on the lamb barn, along with new barn lights in all the sheep barns.  Boy are those lights are nice and bright, they will be shining bright for now at least, until our first electric bill comes !!  We also hired another worker, so we now have two guys full time. we actually had a family dinner last night and the barn lights were off by 7pm.  I have to admit even with two guys and all of us the work is endless and there is still so much to do.  I finally convinced Joe to let me have my best friends bridal shower here..... I practically had to beg.....actually I did beg :)  I guess it worked he said yes. So now we are on a timeline for our house exterior to be finished and new fence up etc.  With that being said we will be busy little bees around here until June.  Not sure when sleep is going to happen but we will figure it out!  So more arguments to come....hopefully a playroom floor (still not done) and a completed office soon !!!

Starting the office

Tony and Joe

Family barn time

Office Progress

New barn lights courtesy of Arolo Company

Lambs enjoying the sunshine and snack


Lamb Races

Poor guy just wants to join the lamb races

My handsome Hubby
Dinner time

Missy Adiego