We got our healthy back

So our house is finally almost back to normal, well normal for us.  The girls are finally back to normal after being sick for a week straight and Hadley teething.  Just put is this way our house was not the fun one on the street to come visit. Whoever said being a stay at home mom is fun and enjoyable all the time, obviously starts drinking at 8am.  Well we are shooting a 75-50.  I am more of the mom that keeps it real.  When kids are sick especially both at a time my life is rough.  Both full of whining, crying, add Hadley teething to that along with high temps the poor girls were in rough shape.  Add a puppy that has hit her bad puppy stage with potty on my floor and chewing furniture.  I swore last night I was going to let Ellie loose, and not feel bad about it.  Well she is still her along with her chewing my furniture and toys. I told Joe last night gosh whoever said the housewife/ mom thing was easy is wrong.  We had a great Valentines day....no flowers for me but that is more the norm.  The girls made out like bandits and lots of chocolate. Avery especially liked the part where the UPS truck came.  She is her mothers girl. She runs around when the UPS truck drives in yelling "Mommy go get the boxes" .  Too cute, I also realized she loves the pottery barn kids magazine. At least she has good taste right?  Hence the reason Daddy better start working even more if that's possible.  Avery is going to be a flower girl in my best friends wedding and seems to think she is the one getting married.  A hard concept for a 3 year old a flower girl/bride same thing right ?  She tells Joe and I she is getting married.  Poor Joe I think he turns pale white when she said that.  So now that we are back to normal, the nonstop chatter continues, the sisterly bickering is back and the projects continue !!

 Yes that is Ellie in the garbage can....which she seemed to get in all on her own!!

Missy Adiego