Some new swag

Ok so back to the living room.  After a few days of still not loving it, I decided it was the furniture.  I have all black furniture in there now....yes, it was a bit of a phase of mine.  Well that phase has passed and out with the old and in with the new. I convinced Joe to let me get some new pieces. (I have to ask well....not really I make the purchases then ask.  Thats just how we work  I guess) For all of you that have been in the house, I have downsized so I think that is only fair.... right?  So I ventured to cost plus where I love their stuff. I purchased a new coffee table which I loved in the store. I was thinking I could get away with that instead of replacing everything.  Well....not so much.  I got it home and put it together.  Yes, all by myself I couldn't wait all day for Joe.  I didn't like it. I loved the table but just not with my things and in my house.  So I took it back apart to return it.  I ended up purchasing the console and coffee table to match my existing dining table. I am usually not a matchy furniture set person, but in this house being so small I think that is my option.  So I am still waiting for my coffee table to be delivered sometime this week!!!  I will post pics of the once again redesigned living room.  So while I have been shopping away, Joe has been working away....thats our motto I am a shopaholic....and he is a workaholic!!  A great balance if you ask me.  So Joe continues to work and I will continue to shop and more redesign pics and furniture to come !

The first purchase...that was returned
Missy Adiego