Puppies projects and some crab

So we have had an all around productive weekend full of projects, a crab feed and two new additions to the farm.  We attended a crab feed fundraiser for Avery's preschool this weekend.  I have to admit I was not to sure about a crab feed I have just heard about them.  I have never been to one and heard you just sit at a table chow down on crab and even wear plastic bibs to boot.  Well its all true, but lets just say it wasn't a bad experience.  It was quite fun we got to eat lots of food and chat with friends. Its funny how Joe and I have date night and its a school crab feed.  I guess it is just part of the "mom years"  We  also got to enjoy Averys little picture and hand painted crab on the wall also hard to believe she is in preschool. We worked on a few projects around the house and farm since the sun was shining. The famous barn office finally got a roof.  The building is almost sided., and rough wiring done. I have to admit I am pretty impressed so far.  A fence around the house got tore down.....well pushed down it was quite rotten.  We need to replace existing fence around the house, so I figured I would start.  Not sure what Joe thought when he walked up to a fence down.  To late right ? We also added two additions to Haverton Hill.  Zoey and Zeus our two new great pyrenees puppies.  They are so cute...I wish they could be house dogs, even though they will be the size of my laundry room when full grown.  They are great with the sheep and are in with lambs their size already.  Avery and Hadley seem to think they are new stuffed animals.  Thanks to all the visitors to the farm this week, we love the company!!  So more projects to come, hopefully a sided office and maybe playroom floors....if I am lucky?

Zoey and Zeus

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I thought I was bad?  Joe is a sucker for the new puppies

new door to the milk parlor

just trying to figure out what papa is doing?

new roof on the office

Down goes the old fence

Date night with Joe
Missy Adiego