The Mom Years

So a few years back Joe and I were driving to town following a extremely dirty SUV packed with kids, and the mom looking quite frumpy.  I said to Joe "God you think she could at least wash her car,and brush her hair". He laughed.  Well come to find out this is just a phase I call the "MOM YEARS"  no one seems to tell you the bad about being pregnant and having kids, and little did I know I have often become that mom with the unwashed car and hair in a ponytail and hooded sweatshirt, and stretch marks that don't fade. Go figure right.  My mom and grandma always told me one is fun and two is work.  Well they were right.  I cherish every moment with the girls, but have come to realize the grandma and papa days are cherished just as much by kids and mom!! I do rely on daily calls to my mom for advice quite often and my sister and I always joke on bad days we are going to put our kids outside with a for adoption sign!!  I have become a huge fan of John Rosemond parenting books and are full of wonderful ideas and common sense advice.  Well I realize that the "Mom Years" are long ahead for many more years.  Like I said earlier I traded the horse for the pony.  The citizen jeans for gap, the audi for the tahoe, the manicures for the cvs polish, the list goes on.  So my days consist of cooking, cleaning, laundry, projects and playtime.  I think every day how lucky I am to stay at home and raise the girls something that was non negotiable with the hubby.  I look forward to what lies ahead and just hope I can do a good job and will keep those daily calls to my mom and grandma going.  Like they both say" if you can't control them at 4 then you can't at 14".  So a huge thanks to the best mom in the world for all your support, tears, laughter and advice on what to do on those "wanna adopt a toddler days at my house"  your the best and hope my girls can have the great relationship I am so lucky to have!
Missy Adiego