In all honesty

Well I keep telling Joe that kids are the most honest little people you meet.  Around this house we have been enjoying the new phrases that come out of Avery's mouth....not sure if we should laugh or scold, or even have the strength to stop laughing to say anything.   Good thing Hadley is just saying a few words I am not sure if I could handle that much honestly in the house. She keeps telling daddy he needs a beauty shop aka haircut...that's in her language. A few of our most popular sayings the last few weeks.
"Mommy, Hadley is being Obnoxious"
"Mommy, Let's go to Target today"
"I want to Skype"
"I wanna go on the plane to see papa Ron and Stephanie"  I ask why she replies "Because I need a princess suitcase, can you buy me one"
"It's a beautiful sunshiney day out"

I have really been enjoying the girls starting to play better....well atleast play with no one crying!  Even though she puts Hadley in the laundry basket or shoves her in the closet, or gets in her crib and undresses her.  Atleast she is honest when you ask her what happened?  She replies "I put sissy in the basket, shes fine mommy".  Gotta love it!!
Missy Adiego