Haverton Hill

So we are officially up and milking. We have so many people ask "Where did you come up with the business name"?  Well its a mixture of the girls names Avery Olivia and Hadley Leighton.  My mother in law says " What if there is a third"?  Well thats just how it goes the third would be lucky if their was a baby book right?  The first one gets all new expensive clothes, the second gets hand me downs, then the third well hopefully you don't forget to take pictures. The reason I have just two.  Its been a few weeks now so the sheep are really learning the ropes of going into the parlor.  Most of them are first time milkers so its a very new thing to them.  Joe has been doing the weekend milking and some weekday ones along with his dad so they are learning the ropes as well. He seems to be loving this whole venture which, let me tell you its to bad if he doesn't.  Some of the bigger lambs got to get let out of their barn pens today to enjoy the sunshine...so cute to watch them play together.  We are still working on cleaning the place up which seems to be a never ending thing.  Much like my house cleaning I believe a constant thing.  The girls have both been sick this week with a little virus and they both had high fevers.  They lounged around and were super cuddly.  That is about the only time they stop and cuddle is when they are sick so I took full advantage of it. They are finally feeling better so we ventured out to the barn today to check on the lambs and watch the night milking.  Work on the barn office.....well that looks the same as last week so no progress there.  I find it hard to believe it will be done by next weekend?  Knowing Joe he will throw a tarp over the thing and call it good just so he isn't wrong.  So the progress continues, and the kids are back up and healthy so more stories to come !!

Missy Adiego