Automatic Feed System

So the milking parlor feed system is up and running.  The automatic feed system until today was not finished being installed.  The grain for the sheep had to be put in the parlor for each sheep by hand.  Joe and our worker Jorge didn't complain the first couple weeks but now that we are milking 120 sheep twice daily that is 240 times they had to measure out the grain for each sheep.  So needless to say that got old fast.  Joe seems to put a rush on things when he is the one doing it.  I guess I need him to play in the playroom on the old dirty floors !!  The feed system is automatic and you are able to measure out the amount of grain to be entered into the grain trough in the parlor micro switch off the head gate.  In simpler terms when the sheep exit the parlor the head gate closes behind them activating the feed system.  Quite handy if you ask me.  I have to admit when I go out to watch milkings, it looks super orderly and organized.  I am so proud of Joe and everyone who has worked on the farm for working so hard and making everything look so great.  The lambs are still coming in bunches 11 total today, and the lamb pens are filling fast.  Once the lambs are born they are put in pen with their mom for 48 hours to get up and going before they are put with other lambs and learn to nurse off a bottle or bucket.  We have been very lucky to have most of them very healthy. The weather this week has been awful super cold, with LOTS of rain and hail.  The barns are all freshly strawed for the sheep to stay dry.  The barn office...well I went out this afternoon and the walls were down and the floor had been moved to a different spot.  So we are going I guess there will be no office by this weekend.  I should have placed money on that one !!  So the work continues....and maybe next week their will be an office?

Missy Adiego