Daddy Day

Well its official the girls are still alive, and so is Joe!!! I went dress shopping today with the girls for my best friends wedding (Soon to be Mrs. Ohlson) Joe was left in charge for daddy day.  That is usually not a big deal around here he is very hands on actually, but with the farm and renovations its been a few months since he has had both girls all day.  So he had a girls day of playing Jenga (Averys favorite), making a mess, cooking dinner corn beef and cabbage, and playing with grandma Jolene who came to relieve Joe for milking time.  Like I stated before a great dinner to most but I don't even eat corn beef so I came home and had golden grahams.  Just as satisfying :)  I was pleasantly surprised to come home to a somewhat clean house, come to find out later grandma Jolene picked up. Avery is at a great age to fill me in on all the left out details. Joe calls her a tattle but I think it hilarious.  I asked what did you do today?  She tells me "auntie marie and uncle pooch came over to get a few pet lambs for their house".  "I also drove to the barn with Hadley" in her power wheel that is. Which I now find out from and inside source that when the battery dies, Avery gets out and leaves Hadley at the scene with the power wheel.  What I call "sisterly love".  Hadley is really learning how to handle Avery.   Not sure if its a good thing but when she gets annoyed with her she just  pushes her with both hands and feet to get her away.  Quite funny to watch, I guess that is how you get rid of a talkative pesty toddler.  So all in all a good day, bridesmaid dress bought, house still standing, kids still alive, and tomorrow is Valentines day.  Knowing my loving romantic husband I will have a house full of flowers and the works.  Well..........not so much but a girl can hope right?  Maybe someday he will find that romanticism.
Missy Adiego