Cuzzy Farm Day

So we just had a cuzzy farm sleepover.  Avery and Hadleys cousin Layla came over for a little slumber party.  I was thinking on my way home what did I get myself into with three kids under 3 all night long?  Well I have to admit it was quite easy.  I just consider luck !!  The girls played so hard they just crashed.  Avery and Layla insisted on sharing her twin they just cuddled in and were great through the night.  Layla still is just not sure about the farm and all the different animals.  I think of it as saving my sister money on not having to go the the zoo right?  She lives in Oakland so our lifestyles are quite different. My sister and I always joke how the girls get the best of both worlds.  Avery can't stop staring at unique people and homeless on the way to her house, or the pink Cadillacs with huge shiny rims,and Layla get to see pigs here, along with chickens,cows and a pony.  So the girls pretty much have the same reaction.  Hadley is starting to get super quick on her feet and trying to run a few steps at a time.  So hard to believe she is only 14 months she seems so grown up.  The baby phase just flew by.  She actually thinks she is one of the big girls when cute to watch.  So overall I survived three kids, without tears, and just some harmless mud and hair pulling!!  Can't wait to do it again and have a cuzzy camping trip I think Joe will have to help out on that one though, or maybe Brey and Eric will do that one.  I think that is right up Erics Alley??

Missy Adiego