Clean Aisles and some eggs...just another day on the farm

So today the girls and I went out to the barn to check things out....and try out Hadleys new muck boots from grandma jolene.....we seriously should by stock in muck boots! I haven't been out in a few days so let me just tell you how thrilled I was....yes thrilled is the word on how clean and organized it is looking.  The place is really starting to come together.  I went down to the lamb barn to check on all the new babies, and low and behold the aisle were clean, pens freshly strawed, a newly installed work station with supplies and happy and healthy lambs bouncing around their pens.  It looks amazing, and we truly lucked out with great workers to help out too!!!  Heat lamps are being installed in some of the lamb pens for the new babies to stay nice and toasty. I was thinking how cozy it looks.  Now if I need to kick Joe out he can go to the lamb pens or that unfinished office....which has not changed since my last post.  Joe has been working on cleaning up and taking out the old fence around the place......which is plentiful in itself.  There seems to be and endless amount around the place.  The sheep are loving the milking parlor and march right on in.  The guys are loving the automatic feed system also, makes life a lot easier.  New  water hoses were installed in the milking parlor to wash of the sheep if needed.  Avery and Hadley seem to think they are monkey bars and would just love to swing from one to another.  Kingsley (the pony) had is annual vet visit today and his teeth floated and a few baby teeth pulled.  He will be in rare form now and ready to be ridden.  We have been loving our new chickens from auntie marie and uncle pooch.  They have been laying eggs since we got them, since our chickens are taking the winter off ( I would love to take the winter off).  I have to admit the chickens are growing on me....after my terrible experience with the rooster...that is no longer here !! I am not sure if its them or my newly painted chicken coop I like.  Avery loves collecting the eggs but won't go in the coop.....since her terrible experience with the rooster also!! So no more roosters, just more projects and cleaning to come !!

Hadleys new muck boots....a girl has to be stylish right??

The new hoses
hmmm....what do these things do?

The lamb barn

Driving down to the field to see daddy
Cleaning up the old fencing

Just waiting to be milked

farm fresh eggs

well the girl loves her eggs.

egg least they are sharing

Missy Adiego