The Bickerings

So Joe and I are defiantly the couple who hash it out when needed.  I am not the type of person that waits for the right moment to talk it out.  We defiantly bicker, if there is a long quiet moment then Joe is really in trouble. My dad and Stephanie always calls us the "Bickerings".  Not that we bicker all the time we are just quite different and have different tastes. So, like I stated before Joe has not mastered the happy wife happy life thing.  Well its only been five years of marriage so I think of it this way, we have many more to come so I am hoping that will come along with the flowers and back rubs !!  I am a hopeful person.  The reason I am bringing this up is, my living room decor has been driving me nuts.  I have felt that the living room has just looked awful not fitting with the scheme of the house.  It also has to double as a playzone for the kids as well, since my floors in the playroom are still not installed.  Joe seems to think everything looks just fine. Well we have some similarities in taste but for the most part it is quite different.  Joe has the idea of comfort not design.  Put it this way my living room would have a huge fabric recliner, a deer head on the wall,bear skin rug and if I let him probably a cameo throw or something.  NOT my idea of a cute living room.  So to put is mind at ease I have been trying to think of how to reuse our existing pieces first before buying furniture for the house.....since that would be hard to hide from him and act like we have had it awhile.  So I made few little purchases to revamp the space and give it a younger was feeling old and country not what I was envisioning.  So my mom and I worked all morning rearranging and redecorating along with Avery.  Hadley was quite content eating her popsicle and snacks in her high chair.  I finally got it to look the way I wanted well better anyway, and very satisfied with what has been done.  Wouldn't you know in walks debbie downer himself....aka Joe.  I ask what do you think?  He replies "I am not in here enough to care".  I am thinking perfect good enough for me.  Then five minutes pass he says "I don't really like it".  This is classic Joe he says he doesn't care but trust me he is the most opinionated person I know.  So I have to chuckle. I told him in our five years of marriage I have never heard you once say I really like it, or perfect.  If he says he doesn't like it than I know it looks good and I have done my job. So to sum it up the living room is staying this way for now which I am happy with.  Debbie Downer is going to have to deal with it, if he complains he might find some new furniture from cost plus I have been eying, or just a complete pink rose decor if he keeps it up.  So the bickering continues....and I will be enjoy my new decor
this evening !!!

Missy Adiego