I  am a stay at home mom of two little ladies Avery who is now 3, and Hadley who just turned 1.  I have been married to my wonderful husband Joe for 5 years. We live a happy hectic farm life to say the least.  We are starting  a sheep dairy with 300 sheep called Haverton Hill LLC.  I have been around horses since I was 10, always had my own horse and was a professional hunter/jumper trainer that competed on the "A"circuit successfully. To say the least the equestrian world and the dairy world are two very different things. So I have done a trade. Instead of a riding helmet and saddle, I put on muck boots, load two kids, snacks, drinks, extra clothes, and a puppy all in a wagon and head down to the milk barn.  Oh...and traded the horse for a small pony. I will get to that later.  I wake up each morning wondering what the day will bring between kids and animals there is always something.  I have been a stay at home mom now for 3 years and have to say I am still adjusting.  Now adding a new business to the mix should just make my days go by even faster, which are already flying by I swear I see glimpses of grown girls when they are playing sometimes. I look forward to each day and what the future will bring. Hopefully this will give everyone some insight on our new venture and life.  So thats a little sum of what I am about, and where the name Little Ladies and Lambs came from.
Missy Adiego