The Renovation

So the process of renovations brought on long hours, flared tempers, design friction etc. etc. etc.  All of those who have renovated a house or anything know how tough it is not only on budget but on a schedule.  Again we along with all our clan were living with the in laws....not that it is a bad thing.  My mother in law folded our laundry, bought our favorite foods, had a feast of a dinner each night and just spoiled us rotten.  I think now and then if I ever need to re-home myself again I know I am going there. So the new house, was just plain awful dirty smoke filled and probably never cleaned. So we pretty much gutted it.  Our process included re-texture and repainting walls. Remove a wall, all new windows trim etc.  New appliances, new counters and sink, and all new floors.  So through all this I learned a  lot about myself....that I may be part boy.  It is amazing what you can do when you want things done....and done now the womens way.  Joe seems to think when I ask for something to be done it means when he wants.  Newsflash, if I wanted it done later I would say whenever or later.  When I say can you do this it means now.  Being that Joe was so busy with doing the things that needed to get done that I couldn't do, I was left to pick up flooring, granite countertops etc.  I along with my mother in law made three trips in a flatbed truck down to Oakland to pick up the countertops.  First trip down to look at countertops. Second trip after a long lesson from Joe on how to strap the countertops to the holder on the truck we made our way to Oakland just as the gates were closing from a power outage. So no countertops in hand we headed to Ikea to get some appliances which all of you have been to Ikea is very self serve.  Feeling frustrated that I kind of wasted a trip home we went.  Third trip back to pick up floors and  countertops.  After purchasing all flooring 48 boxes and loading it on the flatbed and strapping it down, well that in itself was stressful.  Should have got the counters first.  Joe didn't mention that.  So on to get the counters, first we paid then waited for the non English speaking men to come load the counters which made things super difficult.  So here is the kicker, they load you have to secure.  So all loaded up get the first strap on the counters, then tightening the second strap as my  mother in law watches just about to say "that's good" snap I snapped a slab of granite in three.  So with everyone laughing and no one hardly speaking English.  I was ready to cry or just go crazy not sure yet.  So in we went having to purchase another slab to have enough.  So after all day and three trips to Oakland, Two slabs of granite, One piece of granite in pieces, and 48 boxes of flooring. Still almost in tears,  Home we went.  So lesson learned I am super strong like I said a bit boyish, some things Joe should just do and I never again will be going to that hardware store again !!  The granite looks great and I love the floors so at least It worked out.  The house is almost complete still a few little things to do then the renovation of the exterior. We love it and are here for awhile so well worth it, for now anyway!!
Missy Adiego