The Fam Bam

Here are some pics Of the family Avery Olivia who is now 3, and mind you all grown up already and thinks there is no need for  parents.  If only we had a lowes or home depot "Drive Cart"  at our house I really think she would even try to drive that to preschool.  Hadley  Leighton who just turned 1 December 27th...yes people christmas baby. Uggh I have to party plan around christmas every year which I am not looking forward to.  She is a true joy always full of smiles, walking around like a crazy baby into everything.  She can sure hold her own though, I think once she learns to thow a punch Avery is in trouble.   Joe aka the hubby.  Well hes a workaholic...which compliments me because I am a shopaholic.  He is a terrific dad who cherishes each moment, totally unromantic but he tries.  I love him to pieces and we have a great marriage..Well today anyway...isn't that how it works great one day drive me nuts the next??  If he could only learn to master the yes dear, which he is seeming to have a little trouble with. So in a nutshell this is the family which is my life!
Missy Adiego