Dream meet Reality

So the property we leased was orginally a cow dairy, and like I said before in shambles.  I mean it was gross....I had never been to a cow dairy before and had a vision in my head of what it would look like.  Which was NOTHING like I thought.  I am used to the hunter/jumper world  and horse shows so like I said before so I thought a dairy would be along the horse show lines.  Manicured lawns, freshly rocked driveways, lavender filled flower pots, bright white fences, freshly clean alleyways and little golf carts to zip around in.  Well lets just say Joe thought that was just funny.  Well me not so much.  We have made huge improvements to the property having to retro fit all the barns and milking parlor for sheep, but lets just say my picture in my head is a ways away.  The driveway has potholes, no freshly manicured lawns, no lavender, and  the alleyways were filled with old straw and cow muck.  The milking barn was old and broken leaking parts.  Oh and there was not that cute little golf cart I pictured either.  At least Joe and I have the same vision.  Little did we know how much work it is to make improvements.  We are both hard workers and love instant gratification so this process is hard, I think he just loves every time I come out to the barn and bark orders on how it should look and why hasn't this been done.  I bet that is his favorite part of the day really :)  We finally retro fitted the milk barn and got our grade A permit back and waiting on IMS approval.  The barn looks how I had pictured so things are looking up and we are finally milking sheep and lambs are plentiful around here.  So more babies to come, more improvements to make, and more marital bickering to come, all to get that little picture in my head and make it a reality!!
Missy Adiego