The Clan

You know those mom cars you see with the little family stickers so neatly placed on the back window?  Well I always joke saying can you imagine our car it would be...Joe,Me,Avery, Hadley, Turner, Ellie, Tully, Kingsley, Billy, 4 chickens 300+ sheep. Can you picture that...well it would wrap around a few times.  Needless to say I am not putting those family stickers on anytime soon.  So this family, yes we are animal lovers.  We have 2 dogs Turner and the new puppy Ellie. Turner is Joes and  is a working dog. He herds the sheep and goes to work with Joe every day. Joe seems to think he is herding really well even though he is still a puppy.  In my opinion he is just doing whats natural.  Little does Joe know, he does those commands in the middle of the day when he isn't even here and no one around.  I haven't had the heart to tell him yet, that will come when he is driving me nuts!!  Ellie is the new addition and is 11 weeks old.  Why did I add a puppy while raising two little kids? Good question...and still no answer.  I forgot how much work a puppy is like a newborn baby...which I have my handful with two already.  Lets just say I will be on the potty train wagon for quite awhile.  Tully is our cat who since we moved doubled in size...not sure how but he is massive.  We have an issue with him and the crib and Hadley he seems to think its his and sometimes I will go in and poor Hadley is sound asleep all cuddled next to him.  They have a love hate relationship.  Kingsley is Averys small pony.  We got him for her (Not) really for me.  I have never been horseless, so in the midst of my "Mom years"  the horse got traded for a small pony.  We got him in hopes to be a small show pony since he is a fancy mover.  So once Avery gets a little bigger I hope to start her on him. Billy, well he is our first male goat we had.  He bred all the female goats last year and was supposed to be sold .  Well the key word SUPPOSED, I still can't seem to let that happen.  He has tons of personality and has become quite a pet.  A few weeks ago Avery went outside to give him a carrot.  I hear her scream and I go running outside past  billy who is standing in my newly renovated kitchen outside to Avery.  "Billy went in the house she cries"  She proceeds to tell me he ran past her into the house and wanted  carrot out of the fridge not hers.  So in we go to get the goat out of the newly renovated kitchen, who does not just scurry from you.  He has to be dragged!  So for those of you that drove by the house that day and saw some crazy lady in her pajamas, dragging a goat of her house with two crying children, "I am sorry".  Just a normal day with the clan.  The 300+ sheep and chickens I will get to those later.
Missy Adiego